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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angel AR:K Paintball Gun

The much anticipated Angel AR:K Paintball Gun has been released and is now available at Red Dot Paintball.

This paintball gun is loaded with new technology from Angel allowing this marker to shoot 2000 rounds with a single 68/4500 lpa tank. Note, this is low pressure and you will need a low pressure tank or set your tank to low pressure to use it. Here are some of the specs:

Reliable - thoroughly field tested by Stockholm Joy Division.

Lighter – Angel designers and engineers have tried to remove as much material as possible - without compromising the structural integrity and typical design flair of the FLY.

Field + Scenario READY
Big game READY
Tournament READY

• Shoots over 2000 rounds per tank.
No more long walks to queue at the fill station.

Stay in the game longer
• Unbelievable consistency.
Achieve incredible accuracy, shot after shot
• Introducing the D-Lite valve.
Durable and lightweight valve capable of extreme

cycle speeds
• APEXTM ready.
Muzzle break comes complete with mounting

grooves to accept an ApexTM tip
• Military standard piccitiny rails.
Stealth, CQB, Sniper. Add the accessories you

need to complete your mission
• Quick release stock mount.
Rear dovetail mounting system allows for quick

application or removal of the C.A.R. stock

• Full colour, super clear, OLED interface
with rear scroll wheel for simple feature navigation

• NEW through flow bolt.

Booster Bolt 2” ensures gas is pre-delivered

to cushion the ball and prevent breakages
• Advanced software by Rabid
• Self cleaning eyes.
Vent holes in the bolt deliver small quantities

of gas with each shot to keep the eyes dirt

and debris free ensuring smooth operation
• 4-way adjustable magnetic trigger.
Adjust breakaway tension, return strength,

start point and trigger stop point.
• Preset modes.
Millennium, PSP, Semi, Auto, Demo, Custom
• Magno valve.
Magnetic repulsion valve system offers increased

consistency and efficiency
• Low pressure operation.
Low cycle and firing pressures make AR:K

even more gentle on super fragile paintballs
• Easy adjust ASA.
Fully adjustable complete with On/Off

and purge vent
• Clamping, no-rise, feed tube.
Ultra low profile.

This paintball gun is available for this year to be put under the tree!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tippmann US Army Carver One

The Carver One is built for a realistic military experience at an affordable price. With an all aluminum die cast receiver, heavy duty braided stainless steel gas line and durable black matte finish. The marker features a high performance 8 1/2 inch quick thread barrel and in-line bolt system, plus four picatinny rails for customization, a built-in foregrip and built-in sights and sling mounts.

See these paintball guns, here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Wishes

We look back at this year and see so many good things that have happened. We have added over 500 members to a fresh new paintball community that has crossed boundries of playing style and forged ahead with a concept that is simple. If you love paintball you are one of us! I have seen veteran players coach 12 year olds on equipment ideas and 14 year olds teach a thing or two to a veteran. I sit back and smile at the interactions and that this site has lived up to the concept. A paintball social network dedicated to profiling players and their teams.

Early on Team Red Dawn led by Red Commander helped shape this site and bring the flavor to add new members. Their belief is that the site has to revolve around the forums. It will take some time, but our forums will become more active as the membership grows.

Many strong individuals joined us like Junky Jay who has been a strong supporter. New teams found us like 5150TacticalPaintall and T.A.G.U.R.I.T. They represented us at D-Day and highlighted the good paintball players can do with their effort at Children's Hospital in Colorado. Team T-pog found us on Facebook and have centralized their team hear on the site soon after. Out west the Az_Browncoats were spreading the word about our site. In the north Team Phalanx from the Chicago area has represented.

Representing us internationally is Team Stalk and Destroy based in Japan and spreading the word about our site and Red Dot Paintball. Individuals and teams from Canada have been regular supporters and lately our local Washington contingent is starting to come alive as we strive to find the answer to bring paintball back to the Tri-Cities area here in our state.

As I am writing I see how we have crossed not only playing style boundries but also geographic boundries. What a difference just 9 months has made. Given we have a great foundation, we believe great things will come in the next 12 months. I belive in setting goals and I hope that we balloon by a 1000 more in 2010.

Make no mistake, each and every member here is as important as the last. I am merely, highlighting some of the things that have brought us to this point. Building on Team Red Dawn's ideas, we have taken the approach that we want this site to be much much more than another forum. There are plenty of those and many of them are very goodl. We want to be differant and we are. We want to give you tools to organize, ways to communicate, a place to have fun and blow off some steam. We are not finished yet, but we certainly feel we have come a long ways with all of your help.

For this we are thankul and PaintballGuns.Me wishes each and everyone a fantastic holiday season and happiness, health and fortune in 2010!

Sincerely and Best Regards,

Tim Osborn

Owner of Red Dot Paintball and PaintballGuns.Me

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Battle of the Paintball Guns

It has been an interesting couple of years for Tippmann and BT. Some would say they have been battling to control the woodsball market. For every new marker that each company releases, the other releases their alternative. Tippmann of course, has been dominating the budget woodsball scene with the Alpha Black since 2008 and has now been completely dominating this scene with the release of the Project Salvo. Finally, in response BT is going to release the BT OMEGA with a very affordable price to compete directly with the Alpha Black and Project Salvo. It will be a tough challenge to compete against two very affordable, and reliable markers with just one, but I am interested in seeing how it will do.

The Tippmann TPX has been in the spotlight for most of this year and has set the standard for BT to contend with. Of course BT would not sit by without a fight, their answer to the TPX is the BT SA-17, where in my opinion was a very weak response (in looks), but it does have some extra functions that may test true in time.

Next we have BT's TM7 which has been dominating the woodsball market with it's savy electropneumatic features, and then stack the release of the TM15 on top of that and they had raised the bar. But Tippmann had something up their sleeve for some time now, they seemed to wait just until BT thought they had won and then they shot them down with their new revolutionary X7 Phenom. The Phenom can operate in a way that no other paintball gun can, it can operate electronically with several different firing modes, or if the battery dies, it can still fire in mechanical mode thanks to it's patented Flex Valve. Can the Phenom overcome the TM duo? Only time will tell, but it looks like it has a great chance.

Let's take advantage of this situation as it helps to create affordable prices the more these guys battle it out. Be sure to visit Red Dot Paintball to purchase or pre-order these markers as they become available!

This blog is courtesy of our guest blogger Red Commander.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ego Paintball Guns

Here is a video on Ego paintball guns. This was the trailer from Planet Eclipse produced about a year ago.

You can see or post videos like this directly to PaintballGuns.MEspace. Join the site, and start posting paintball videos.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paintball Rules

Here is a new blog entry by a guest blogger from our PaintballGuns.MEspace. Theprofessionalpro, writes this blog.

"Setting the Standards High

Well, it happened to me. It could happen to you. I'm in a firefight, trying to press through and get an angle for my team, and CRACK! Hit. Out. Why? I followed the rules of engagement. What? That's right. In my firefight an 'out' player walked right into my line of fire. I cannot intentionally shoot at an 'out' player, so I didn't and it cost me an 'out' Why did I let myself get shot out rather than return fire? It's the rules. Integrity is hard to build and easy to break. What's the point of this? Well, that 'out' player was a newbie. It wasn't really his fault, it was ours. No one told him the full rules of engagement. It's easy for us veterans, but we often take for granted the fact that everyone we play with knows the rules and we forget to pass some of them along to the 'new guys', like walking around an engagement if your 'out'. There is a safety issue and a quality of play issue here. We have a responsibility as seasoned players to teach the greenhorns how to play safely and what the rules are.

Some rules we should all know:

1] ALWAYS use a BBD (barrel blocking device) when not on the field

2] ALWAYS keep safety on until you engage

3] NEVER remove your mask on the field

4] NEVER fire in the 'safe zone' or staging area

5] NEVER walk through an engagement if you're out (not a good idea if your 'in' either)

6] ALWAYS be mindful of everyone else's safety and you own

7] ALWAYS chrono your paintball marker to under 300fps, preferably set at 285fps

8] ALWAYS know the bounderies and stay inside them

9] NEVER fire at anyone who has removed or is not wearing a mask

10] NEVER wipe paint on field ( this is CHEATING)"

Feel free to comment or add other rules that players should be aware of. If you liked this post you can see great blog entries at PaintballGuns.MEspace

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tippmann TPX Pistol Holster Recalled

Today we received some very disappointing news about the Tippmann TPX Pistol Holster, they have been recalled. We just received our major order and were ready to ship. Then they called this morning and said do not send them out. The replacement holsters will not be available for 3 more weeks.

The reason they give is that there is some faulty stitching on the holster and they will not stand up to the rigors of paintball over time. They made the tough decision to correct it now. Anyone that has already received one can call Tippmann and make arrangements to receive a replacement from them when the new ones are ready. You will have to ship the old one back.

This entire launch of the Tippmann TPX Pistol has been disappointing. They should have just made enough to send everyones orders on the same day. We much prefer the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo announcement. They announced it and shipped to those that ordered the same day. I am already sending them out.